12th October 2007

So I ordered a Zune 30…

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I was already kinda thinking of getting a Zune after learning about the cool stuff Microsoft is doing for the new Zunes and that the old Zune was getting all the cool new firmware upgrades. The final thing that sealed the deal was that Walmart.com has the brown Zune for $150! I’ve always thought that the brown looked kinda cool anyway and got undo flack from people and the press. I don’t know, it kinda looks military to me or something. Anyway, I ordered one since there really isn’t any other good options and that’s a killer price.My original Neuros with the upgraded USB2.0 backpack (bonus points for knowing what that is) is kinda dieing. I think it’s that the battery isn’t giving enough power. It’s going to be 4 years old next month anyway, so I already figured it was time to figure out which mp3 player blows the least. I say that because basically no one makes one that supports ogg audio and basically all of them need some dumb sync program. I just want it to mount as a hard drive in windows and I copy my music to it and call it good. Basically no one does that. The few companies that used too don’t make MP3 players anymore or don’t make large GB hard drive players anymore. Neuros is focusing on a cool linux based media player for your TV, kinda like an Apple TV only it doesn’t suck. Cowon/iAudio/JetAudio doesn’t seem to be making any new large GB hard drive based players anymore. iRiver doesn’t seem to make any large GB hard drive players anymore that supports oggs either. So what’s left are the “big name” companies, Sandisk, Creative, Apple and Microsoft. Well, Sandisk doesn’t make large GB players. Creative has never supported ogg and I’m not really a fan of Creative overall anyway (ask anyone about their soundcard drivers and software in general). Apple doesn’t support ogg and I’m not a fan of Apple either. I know you can use open source RockBox firmware, but it’s not that polished and support is kinda random. Plus, I don’t want to spend $250 and hope I can get RockBox running and hope I don’t hate it. Microsoft doesn’t support ogg from what I can tell, but the other features are pretty cool, and the screen is supposed to be real nice.

So I ordered a Zune 30… Wish me luck! I’ll keep you posted on how I like it. Though I think the new firmware isn’t out yet, so it’s not going to be as cool as when the new firmware is released.

Edit: And now the brown Zune 30 can be had for $139.99

Edit2: And now the brown Zune is $99.99 at buy.com

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