26th September 2007

Microsoft doing small closed beta for Vista SP1

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Microsoft seems to be focusing on the right things for Vista Service Pack 1. Nick White’s post on Microsoft’s WindowsVistaBlog.com said, “SP1 will contain changes focused on addressing specific reliability and performance issues we’ve identified via customer feedback, supporting new types of hardware, and adding support for several emerging standards… We didn’t design SP1 as a vehicle for releasing new features; however, some existing components do gain enhanced functionality in SP1.” That’s basically the list I hear from people as to why they don’t like Vista or why they’re holding off from upgrading to Vista. Well, those things and that Vista does too much stuff in the background but somehow I don’t think that’s going to change with a service pack. He also stated that they’re, “targeting releasing SP1 to manufacturing in the first quarter of 2008, but as always, we’re first and foremost focused on delivering a high-quality release, so we’ll determine the exact release date of SP1 after we have reached that quality bar.” In Brandon LeBlanc post on WindowsVistaBlog, he says that SP1 will be on Windows Update as an “important update,” so it should apply automatically once it’s available. When Windows XP SP2 was first released, the computer store I work at had a decent amount of computers coming in with complaints like, “it worked yesterday and now it’s not running right” and it was because some piece of software (or multiple pieces of software) wasn’t SP2 compatible. Brandon LeBlanc said he had no problems running any applications after the update SP1, so it’s looking good for not seeing problems like we did with Windows XP SP2. He reaffirmed what Nick White said that there isn’t much in the way of new features but there are a few refinements/retooling on some of the features that were already available and that the main thing was overall stability and performance has improved. In addition to “improvements in overall responsiveness of my PCs,” he also found improvements with Hibernation or Sleep, faster to copy files locally and over the network, improvements in accessing mapped drives, along with improvements to using an external monitor on a laptop. He was having a problem staying on his wireless network but haven’t encountered that problem after installing Service Pack 1. It definitely sounds like Microsoft is on the right track here and hopefully they can come through with their promises.

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