20th February 2008

HD DVD is dead

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Well, Toshiba hasn’t officially announced it but Reuters is saying a source is saying that Toshiba has “entered the final stage of planning to make our exit from the next generation DVD business,” and that an official announcement may come next week. It’s unfortunate that the better technology lost. Feature wise, HD DVD’s current spec is the same as the yet to be released Blu-Ray 2.0 spec. HD DVDs are much cheaper to manufacturer than Blu-Ray discs, so their was a potential for cheaper retail prices on HD DVDs. From what I’ve seen, the quoted attach rate for movies bought by people buying HD DVD players was much higher compared to the attach rate with Blu-Ray. Still all of these things weren’t enough to sway companies to HD DVD. According to Gizmodo Fox and Warner wanted to go with HD DVD but Fox received $120 million and Warner received between 400 and 500 million to go with Blu-Ray. It’s unfortunate for consumers that Toshiba, Hitachi and Microsoft couldn’t make HD DVD work.

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