13th January 2008

I don’t necessarily disagree with his message on datacenter security but…

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The owner of C I Host, a datacenter/server co-location company, is currently talking up the fact that most datacenters don’t have a good plan for armed robbery. While I don’t necessarily disagree with his message, if you read this article here it makes it sound like this hit C I Host out of the blue and they had no idea something like this could happen… Well it’s happened 4 times in 2 years TO THEM AT THE SAME LOCATION! Well, not exactly as James Eckels, chief corporate counsel for C I Host, points out here “One of the biggest mistakes is that people are talking about four robberies. A robbery means than property has been seized through violence or intimidation. C I Host has technically only been robbed twice in two years. The other two were break-ins where things were stolen, but not robberies.” Is it me or is a “break-in” even worse than a robbery, since that fully means NO ONE was watching the servers/datacenter at all! Also,

The topic it’s self is pretty interesting though, as their isn’t a whole lot of information available on this kind of thing. I mean, you can look at different services to see the average uptime for a webhost or datacenter or colo but how are you to know how secure the facility actually is? They’re probably just trying to sell the computers and probably aren’t bringing the servers back to a warehouse to data mine the hard drives but who’s to say that won’t happen in the future… may make you think twice about checking that “save my credit card info” check box next time you check out of a webstore.

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