23rd December 2007

hardware accelerated audio?

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I was checking out the press release for this Asus Xonar sound cards and was reminded just how odd I found the term hardware accelerated audio. It’s been what 10+ years since Aureal (RIP) introduced their first card and started touting it as being hardware accelerated but it still sounds odd. What’s that supposed to mean? Video cards being called video accelerators make sense because it does just that, makes games run faster. Using the same logic, is hardware accelerated audio supposed to mean it makes sound play really fast? “Dude, how many SPS (sounds per second) can that sound card get?” I kid.  I know they just mean a hardware DSP dedicated to audio so it doesn’t use system CPU cycle and I will give them that their really isn’t a great concise name that everyone will understand but doesn’t make it any less odd.

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