17th December 2007

How are G92-based 8800 GTS 512MB cards are still all in stock but the 8800 GT is hard to get?

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I mean seriously, not one card is listed as out of stock and some cards that were out of stock the day of the release are now in stock! How can all manufacturers and all stores sell out of the 8800 GT within days of its release and only sporatic cards showing up here and there are available now, yet the 8800 GTS which is based on the same G92 core shows no sign at all of shortages? Is the 8800 GT really that much more popular than the 8800 GTS or is something else going on?

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks there has to be something going on. The only thing I can think of is that Nvidia didn’t like being short changed in the deal, with manufacturers making factory OC’ed versions of the 8800 GT and charging even more money on top of the already inflated price of the base cards but paying Nvidia the same amount for the chips/cards and blocking some of the anticipation for the 8800 GTS by delivering a card with similar performance at prices nearly $100 cheaper and cutting Nvidia out of the profits. All this is completely an off the wall guess that may or may not be true… Color me Micheal Bay (except I didn’t make any awful movies)… But seriously, how can it be months later and 8800 GT’s are still kinda hard to get? I just checked and ZipZoomFly has 8800GT’s for barely less than $300, Newegg has none in stock at all, mwave has a few and TigerDirect has a few but it’s still slim pickings.

Anyway, it does appear that Nvidia may be trying to remedy the problem as they’re in talks with their main foundry partner TSMC to increase wafer orders for G92 GPUs and have added another, UMC, but that appears to only be for the new G98 GPUs.

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