16th November 2007

Playstation 3 getting Divx support, Xbox 360 probably getting it too

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It’s unclear if they mean just for game support (like in game cut scenes and whatnot) or if it’s for downloadable content or if it will mean you can just put a disc in the drive or copy a Divx file over the network but it has been announced that DivX, Inc is working with both Sony and Microsoft on getting their consoles to support Divx. It’s also unclear if they will then also support Xvid decoding. Ideally they would have broad support for both codecs and let end users play whatever file they want but I’m not holding my breath on any of that. If they do let you play files, hopefully it has better support for Divx than some “divx compatible” DVD players that need specific resolutions, specific encoding styles and other requirements that are rarely used and may not be supported by some rippers. For info on PS3 getting Divx check here. For info on Xbox 360 getting Divx click here

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