5th November 2007

HD DVD player may not stay as low as $200

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It looks as though the $200 price for the Toshiba HD-A2 may just be because Toshiba was blowing out the old model before coming out with the HD-A3. BestBuy is going to be giving customers that ordered the HD-A2 on backorder an HD-A3 instead because “Unfortunately, the manufacturer has discontinued this item and we are not anticipating receiving any more inventory,” according to DailyTech. So the HD-A2 isn’t going to be around anymore, so what’s the price for the HD-A3 you ask? Well, all over the place between $200 and $300. The MSRP is supposed to be $300 and most retail stores seem to be selling them at that price. But those that are out of HD-A2′s, like BestBuy and Sears, have the HD-A3′s “on sale” right now for $199.99 and Amazon has them for $249.99 but those prices may go up after the HD-A2 supplies dry up. It’s hard to say what pricing is going to do but I’d say if you want an HD DVD player, it seems now’s the time to buy. It doesn’t seem to matter much either way, if you get a HD-A2 or HD-A3, as they seem to have pretty much the same features. Some of the guys that commented over at DailyTech (linked above) are saying that the HD-A2 may actually be slightly better as it allows downsampling of all audio to 1.5Mbps DTS optical out, where as the HD-A3 only does 640kbps DD optical out. So it depends on your receiver (or lack there of) as to which one would be better of if it doesn’t matter.

By the way, the best price I’ve found so far is TigerDirect has the HD-A2 for $139.99

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