30th October 2007

ya, Trend Micro Interenet Security 2008, not so much with the working

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Trend Micro Internet Security and Panda Antivirus + Firewall are the two antivirus packages we suggest in the store I work at. We’ve been using and suggesting Panda since the 2004 version. Trend Micro we’ve been using and suggesting since 2006 version (though we may have sold a few copies of 2005 but only a few). They seem to catch the most stuff and seemed to break less than Norton and McAfee, which is definitely a good thing. You know, who wants an antivirus that does it job and isn’t randomly broken all the time? Pfft. Anyway, ya, so yet again, another random problem with my folks new computer. Install windows, install all the drivers, everything’s fine. Install Trend Micro Internet Security 2008? DVD drives stop updating correctly. When you put a disc in everything works fine, it sees the disc and launches the autorun stuff and everythings great. Well, when you take the disc out, it never registers that the disc is removed. So it still has the file/folder list cached and the CD name cached. And if you interact with the drive in that state, click on it or if you had it selected before taking the disc out and then click on something else after it’s out, explorer freezes. Pretty awesome let me tell you. First I thought it was Daemon Tools that was at a fault. I uninstalled Daemon Tools and got it working randomly for a few reboots. Uninstall Trend and it’s back to working fine. The next day it was back to it’s old tricks and the DVD drives were acting funny. I did a full reinstall, only installing .Net 1.1, .Net 2.0 (as the ATI drivers require .Net), ATI/AMD drivers, Realtek sound, Realtek NIC and Trendnet wireless card. So far everything’s fine, as it’s always been without Trend. Install Trend without ever installing Daemon Tools, still messes up! So I have no idea what’s up, but if that’s your Antivirus of choice you may want to hold off for now. I haven’t tried it on any other computers yet, so it may just be something in this computer that it hates. I mean there’s a chance it’s the ATI IDE drivers conflicting with Trend, so it won’t affect you unless you have an ATI chipset. Or it could be that Trend 2008 is just busted, I’m not sure yet. But if you install it and run into your CD drives acting funny, it’s probably Trend.

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