28th October 2007

Power Supplies in eMachines are junk

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If you have an eMachine or know someone that does, especially one that’s a couple years old, replace the power supply before you end up having to replace more parts when it fails and fries your motherboard or maybe more. In the computer store I work at, all of a sudden about 6 months to a year ago we kept getting eMachines with bad motherboards. It’s mainly been socket 478 systems but we’ve seen a few socket A systems from the same era. Even within the same socket type, the boards are different models, chipsets and layout. Also, the boards themselves don’t have bad capacitors. We didn’t know what to think. The first few systems we just replaced the motherboard and reinstalled Windows and it seemed totally fine. Well, one of the new replacement boards fried after only a month. Another took a few months before the board was fried. We got another eMachine in the store and I tested the CPU and ram in a new motherboard and it worked fine. I then put the board in the computer and it didn’t work anymore. No video. I took it out and used the known good power supply I had used before, no video. Tried the CPU and RAM in another new motherboard and it worked fine. It turned out to be the power supply that was frying all those systems! The power supplies themselves have all been manufactured by Bestec, but I don’t think it’s a problem with ALL Bestec power supplies. For example, HP uses Bestec quite a bit and of all the HP’s we see I’ve only ever seen one bad Bestec PSU in an HP.

So the moral of the story is unless you’re trying to find an excuse to replace that old eMachine, then replace the power supply before it fries the motherboard or more.

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