30th July 2007

the iPod Touch is “very similar” to the iPhone, who could have guessed?

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Ok, so multiple sites are reporting that the iPod touch is “very similar” to the iPhone. Is anyone surprised by this? It has the same interface, similar physical form factor, and has the same feature set except the no cell phone. Why was this news? To me it’d be more of a shock if it was drastically different than the iPhone, because that would be have been WAY more work for Apple. Then we’d have something to talk about and try and figure out why they did that. As it is, my response is *shrug* “ya, who thought it wasn’t?”

It’s still unknown if the iPod touch will have bluetooth and could only confirm what was already reported that it has WiFi support. The webpage that disassembled an iPod touch, iFixIt, did not find a bluetooth chip but they did say it could be one of the unmarked chips.

For the full pictures and writeup on the dismantling of the iPod touch, check out iFixit.com.

click here for DailyTech’s writeup on this info.

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