15th December 2007

Sadness, Happiness, and Something in Between

So tonight I finally had the chance to watch the movie “The Island of Lost Children” and it was so strange.  It was touching and funny and so worth the three or four dollars it cost to rent.  Seeing Ron Perlman reminded me that they are making another Hellboy movie and got me a little excited. … Read the full entry »

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15th October 2007

Winter 2007 PC Game Releases

Since my birthday is coming up I decided to check GameStop’s website to see what games are scheduled to come out between now and the end of the year. There were rumors last year that the Summer of 2007 would be the major mark for the industry, but many of the games got pushed back later in the year or even into 2008. It looks like the Fall/Winter of 2007 is going to be the time where the PC games shine and leapfrog over the consoles again. … Read the full entry »

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30th September 2007

Getting Lost and Past Experiences

Well, I got lost this weekend and totally missed the Red Bull Soapbox Derby. I was disappointed, but not a huge deal since I did end up buying the amazing Firefly on DVD. Now I have plenty of television greatness to keep me occupied when I am not playing TF2 or working on my projects. Speaking of projects I wanted to catch you up on my last project and experience. … Read the full entry »

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VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware
28th September 2007

Seattle, Technology, and Sponsors OH MY!

Tomorrow the Red Bull Soapbox Derby takes place in downtown Seattle. It’s not tech related unless you count the engineering involved in the building of the cars, but it’s going to be fun nonetheless. I borrowed the Sanyo Xacti from work to take some pictures and video of the event. This little camera is quite impressive with 5MP pics and MPEG4 video. I think I’m more excited about the camera and the beer garden then the actual races. ;-) … Read the full entry »

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