4th October 2007

World Cyber Games in Seattle, WA

Well, today I scampered out of work early so I could go catch a bit of the festivities. I’ve been anticipating the World Cyber Games (WCG) coming to Seattle for a few weeks now and was excited to see a big event like that coming within 20 minutes of my apartment. After buying a $10 ticket and threatened with a strip search, I wandered into the Qwest Events Center. … Read the full entry »

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28th September 2007

Seattle, Technology, and Sponsors OH MY!

Tomorrow the Red Bull Soapbox Derby takes place in downtown Seattle. It’s not tech related unless you count the engineering involved in the building of the cars, but it’s going to be fun nonetheless. I borrowed the Sanyo Xacti from work to take some pictures and video of the event. This little camera is quite impressive with 5MP pics and MPEG4 video. I think I’m more excited about the camera and the beer garden then the actual races. ;-) … Read the full entry »

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