25th October 2007

Kingdom Elemental – Review

I guess I should start by saying that Kingdom Elemental is a serious strategy game that doesn’t take itself seriously, if that makes any sense. Kingdom Elemental is a fairly unknown game that easily falls into the realm of independent games as it was created by one developer, Scott Thunelius of Liberation Games. The 106MB game was developed by Scott and is being distributed … Read the full entry »

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18th October 2007

Why Review Scores Are Ruining The Tech Industry

Like being graded in school, having a rating is an easy way to compare two similar competitors. You could put two students side by side with their GPA, one with a 3.8 and one with a 3.2. When asked which one is a better student you might automatically jump to the conclusion that the student with the higher GPA is a better student, but you would be failing to ignore a myriad of other factors. … Read the full entry »

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13th October 2007

Portal – Review

Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center. You play a female protagonist named Chell, after waking up in a lab you must test your skills to move through a series of tests. You must use your wits and the portal gun to figure out how to move through some of the most original puzzles seen in a video game. Upon successful completion, you are promised cake … Read the full entry »

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VIPRE Antivirus + Antispyware
9th October 2007

Spec Research 01006 mATX HTPC Case – Review

I was searching for a ‘cube’ style mATX case and found this case by Spec Research. It did not have many reviews on Newegg and I couldn’t find any on Google either. Its dimensions were similar to the other cases I was looking at, Silverstone Sugo SG02 and Thermaltake LanBox, so I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to buy the $65 case since it was so cheap. Let me clearly state that I have owned about a dozen cases (half of them were beige) and this is the … Read the full entry »

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8th October 2007

Noctua NC-U6 Northbridge Heatsink – Review

I’ll be honest here and admit that I had not heard a lot about Noctua before I wandered upon their website a couple weeks ago. I found that the Austrian based company had a small, but very impressive catalogue of products marketed to those who want solid and silent cooling options. … Read the full entry »

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