15th December 2007

Sadness, Happiness, and Something in Between

So tonight I finally had the chance to watch the movie “The Island of Lost Children” and it was so strange.  It was touching and funny and so worth the three or four dollars it cost to rent.  Seeing Ron Perlman reminded me that they are making another Hellboy movie and got me a little excited. … Read the full entry »

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7th November 2007

Happy Birthday… to me!

Yesterday was my birthday, but I went to work anyways. I took today off because I wasn’t feeling great and it gave me a good excuse to go pick up Gears of Wars for the PC. I just went through a good portion of the single player mission and also tried my hand at some online play. I was getting owned at first, but I finally got the hang of it. … Read the full entry »

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7th October 2007

Lazy Friday, Saturday and Sunday

I took Friday off so I could have a relaxing three day weekend. I finished up watching the Firefly series on DVD and rented the Dead Like Me series and the Rocketeer from Hollywood Video. Also, I’ve been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 and Day of Defeat: Source (DoD). I cannot believe that I have not played DoD before as it a whole lot of fun. … Read the full entry »

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CounterSpy Antispyware
1st October 2007


Okay, so over the last month or so I have started designing my latest project. Since my last project was more or less limited by time and money on my design, so I just stuck to the main points. This time around I am going smaller, more artistic, and just overall more appealing. I named this new project DoomzPunk since my original idea was to be a SFF Steampunk design, but over the last couple of weeks, it has migrated to 50% steampunk and 50% art deco similar to many of the designs seen in the game BioShock. … Read the full entry »

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30th September 2007

Getting Lost and Past Experiences

Well, I got lost this weekend and totally missed the Red Bull Soapbox Derby. I was disappointed, but not a huge deal since I did end up buying the amazing Firefly on DVD. Now I have plenty of television greatness to keep me occupied when I am not playing TF2 or working on my projects. Speaking of projects I wanted to catch you up on my last project and experience. … Read the full entry »

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