11th November 2007


So, I’ve been working hard at getting the NVousPC review done within the next couple of days. I am very pleased with it so far, and really don’t have any complaints. Of course, you’ll just have to wait until the review is published to see just how sexy this thing looks. Also, I got a humongous box from UPS yesterday. It was so big that the woman at the apartment complex main office was kicking it across the floor … Read the full entry »

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16th October 2007

Asus C90S

I am in desperate need for a laptop to get some work done while I’m riding the bus to and from work. So, for the last few days, I’ve been dreaming about buying a laptop and have been comparing the different models. I happened upon a nice gaming laptop and instantly recognized it as the Asus C90 by its overall design. I’ve been a huge fan of the Asus C90 series barebone laptops since they came out. … Read the full entry »

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