6th February 2008

My own creed: “I stab n00bs”

So the fun little image I tossed onto my last post about my new job got me thinking about the costume I want to make for Halloween. I haven’t really dressed up for Halloween for a few years. Even when I went on the KZOK Halloween cruise last October I just wore my plain ol’ black clothes, so if given the chance this year I want to wear a kickass costume … Read the full entry »

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6th February 2008

And there was much rejoicing…

No, I didn’t eat Robin’s minstrels (sorry, terrible Holy Grail reference), but I did just get a new job that is exactly what I wanted to take my career in the right direction. For those of you that don’t know me I recently moved on from CBS Radio after working there for six months. The job was a great position for someone right out of college that basically moved 2600 miles across the country … Read the full entry »

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19th November 2007

Happy Turkey Day

I know its early to mention this, but I’ve been so busy and I’ll probably eat way too much turkey to be able to type on Thanksgiving. Anyways, the NVousPC Laptop review is 90% done. I just need to do the video review and we’ll most likely making it live the Sunday after Thanksgiving, so you lazy turkey eaters won’t have a problem finding it when you return to your normal daily computer use. ;-) … Read the full entry »

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall
7th November 2007

Happy Birthday… to me!

Yesterday was my birthday, but I went to work anyways. I took today off because I wasn’t feeling great and it gave me a good excuse to go pick up Gears of Wars for the PC. I just went through a good portion of the single player mission and also tried my hand at some online play. I was getting owned at first, but I finally got the hang of it. … Read the full entry »

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