3rd February 2008

Dear Game Developers, I’m not stupid…

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Think of any popular game you’ve played recently like Call of Duty 4, Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3, etc. Every game has some sort of intro level or tutorial to teach you the basics of the gameplay you will be experiencing throughout your digital adventure. Game developers take great care in making sure the learning curve is simple enough that even casual gamers can get the hang of it, even if they have to play on the easiest difficulty level. I would expect though that a majority of gamers that play these types of games have at least some sort of previous experience with modern games.

Here is where things stop making sense. In Crysis, by the middle of the game I have easily figured out that it takes a couple rockets to take down a helicopter. No one told me this, I just figured it out. So, when I hear a helicopter I make for the closest rocket launcher and start firing away. Also, I figured out that shooting a guy in the noggin’ is going to be the easiest way to kill him (who would have known!?). So, like Crysis, most modern games require you to learn some simple gameplay mechanics to progress through the game. If gamers can figure all of this out, then why the hell do we still get stupid little messages like “Press F to trade Gun A for Gun B” or “Press E to Open Door”? These are the simplest actions in any game and we usually figure this all out in the tutorial and give it no thought throughout the rest of the game. To me, its just like saying “Press Mouse Button 1 to Shoot Bad Guy”. I don’t get it.

Games should be intuitive enough that we don’t need little messages like that to hold our hand throughout the experience because in reality they take away from the immersiveness of the action. I mean, if you have to tell people how to switch guns or open doors on the 6th Chapter of the game, then maybe your game is too complex or you aren’t giving us gamers enough credit.

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