21st October 2007

SD Flash Card with WiFi

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Lately, news has spread that will make many portable device users very happy. Eye-Fi, based out of Mountain View, CA, has recently had their product approved by the FCC. The device combines a 2GB SD Card with a WiFi adapter. Now you can store your pictures and have access to the web in one simple device. Though most peoples’ minds will jump to the obvious conclusion that most PDAs only have one SD slot and this will make a great upgrade, but this isn’t necessarily made for PDAs. Eye-Fi’s motto is “Your Camera – Always Connected”.

Eye-Fi is trying to allow ease of use for users, so they can upload their pictures directly from the camera to their computer without the use of a USB cable like we have relied on for the past few years. Not only will it ease the frustration of being tied to cables, Eye-Fi’s goal is to create a community of sharing photos. It looks like an ambitious effort and seeing a product designed directly for their cause makes it look ever so promising.

Eye-Fi’s latest news on their website was in September, but with the release of the news of their SD Data/WiFi card, expect to be hearing more from them very soon. You can check out their site for future updates, or to maybe get a job at a decent startup if you live in the Mountain View area. They are currently looking to fill three positions.

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