24th February 2008

Video Card Decision… ugh

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So, I might have the chance to buy a new video card for my machine, but there are so many choices.  I am not partial to either nVidia or ATI, so all I am worried about is price to performance, which unless you need the most top of the line PC, is the only thing that should matter.  I’ve been looking at the 8800gs and 9600gt from nVidia and the 3870 from ATI.  The 8800gs can be bought for as little as $150 and beats out the $180 3870.  The 9600gt is around $180 as well, but performs better than the 3870.

So, unless there is a card for substantially less (like, if the 8800gs went down in price a bit) the 9600gt looks like the best card for me and I would be able to play Crysis on settings higher than 800×600 with everything on low.

I should probably get some RAM too, but I might just hold off until I upgrade my machine and just jump to DD3 when it finally drops to reasonable prices.  Anyways, I still have to buy an XBox 360!

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