13th February 2008

Doomsday… best movie name ever!

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So I’ve been browsing around to see what new movies are coming out soon and I realized there is a movie coming out this year called “Doomsday”. When I started watching the trailer it looked like a lame knock-off of 28 Days Later or I am Legend. Then I realized that it actually look good, in an odd sort of way. A disease killed off a good majority of a city that was quarantined. Fortunately, 25 years later, they discover that there are survivors in the city and that they must have an immunity to the disease leading to a possible cure. Now this is where I figured they discover zombies or some other type of scrambling undead (ooh, mummies!), but all the people are actually normal humans. Of course they’ve been blocked off from the rest of society for 25 years so they have kind of gone insane and have formed post-apocalyptic gangs.


This movie looks like the bastard child of Mad Max and I am Legend with maybe a dash of Tank Girl and Lord of the Flies. I am very intrigued by this movie and figure it will either bomb completely in theaters or its oddball characters will create a great cult following. Either way it probably do well on DVD since it looks worth a $4 rental even if it sucks.

I am looking forward to this movie, so I hope it doesn’t completely disappoint. I mean, c’mon, it has Malcolm McDowell in it. You can’t get much cooler than that. Also, searching IMDB for info, I found that the leading lady of the film, Rhona Mitra, is playing Sonja in the new Underworld movie.

This is what Doomsday would look like if I had directed it…

Doomsday Movie

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