26th February 2008

Project: Rogue, Part 20

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I thought I’d get a quick update posted. I’ve got a little more work done on the face.

After the hole cut for the Matrix Orbital LCD, I thought I’d go ahead and get the holes cut for the Dakota Digital gauges. I used a hole saw for the initial cut, which you can see here.


It didn’t cut as cleanly as I had hoped, but a little dremel work and filing is getting it in pretty good shape. I’ve still got a ways to go though. Circular holes suck so much more than rectangles.


I’ll continue work on the face of course, but in the meantime, I thought I’d show you some of my new parts arrivals.


This box right here contains the long awaited 10.2” LCD.






I also had my second digital gauge and sending units arrive. While the other measures water temp, this new one will measure the ambient air temp in the case.



I have a few more parts arriving tomorrow. I’ll post pics of what arrives, and I think you’ll find it much ‘cooler’ than most of my other parts…

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