24th February 2008

Project: Rogue, Part 19

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Since I had the Matrix Orbital display arrive, I thought I’d jump to a little work on the front panel. The LCD will be situated on the lower center of the front face. The Dakota Digital gauges will flank it on the left and the right, with the widescreen LCD sitting above it.

Here I’ve marked out where the display will sit.


After the rough cut.


After the final filing.


The display will be recessed behind the panel. Although the door won’t need to be used on a regular basis, it will be able to swing free and clear.


In addition to the front panel, I decided to get a little work done on the top of the case. Due to the dual radiators, and the ATX motherboard, there simply isn’t room to mount fans directly to the radiators themselves. This meant I had to take a different approach to airflow. The best option I had was to mount fans on the top of the case. By doing this, fresh, cool air will be drawn in to the sides of the case and through the radiators, then pulled out through the top. Since the rest of the case will be sealed, the only place the air can be drawn in, will be through the radiators. I may lose a little efficiency compared to having the fans directly on the radiators, but I doubt it will be that much. Not to mention the fact that I’ll have six fans, for a pair of 240.2 radiators. Also, the Sanyo Denki fans are airflow monsters. They range anywhere from a soft breeze, to Hoover, all at surprisingly quiet noise levels.

Here you can get the basic idea for the top of the case. There will be a panel angled to the left and the right. This will be made using the original cover, in addition to some strategically bent 1mm aluminum. The whole assembly will be easily removed in one piece, just as the original version. I’m checking in to some sort of contact type of connection that will remove the need to unplug the fan wires when the top is removed.



Only 4 of the 6 fans are sitting on here right now. I have to cut a little metal to make 6 fit, but I’ll have that done shortly.


With the above pictures, you should get an idea of where the fan grills come in to play. I’m not completely sold on using fans that are 38mm thick, however. I was hoping for something with a bit lower profile. Even though the Sanyo’s are a stellar fan, should I ever want to swap fans at a later date, it should be pretty simple to do so.

More to come…

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