16th February 2008

Project: Rogue, Part 16

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I was out of town last weekend, and it’s been a busy week, so I wasn’t able to get much in the way of real modding done, but work still continued. I was able to get a few more miscellaneous parts ordered, including the elusive LCD screen.

I had several sources fall through for different reasons, until I finally found this 10.2” widescreen LCD.


I’ve also got the grill designed for the fans on top of the case. There will be two banks, of three fans each. The grill will be mounted on each of them, with the addition of a hex mesh beneath…


I also have one more quick item worthy of mention. Here is the most likely candidate for the side panel acrylic. I may revise it a little, but I doubt it will change much unless major inspiration strikes…


More coming shortly…

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