2nd February 2008

Project: Rogue, Part 14

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Oh, the irony… As I type this update, DFI has announced the possibility of SLI and Crossfire capable mATX motherboards. It’s something that I’ve wanted for quite some time now. Especially since my current eVGA SLI board is showing it’s age. At this point, it’s come a little too late to change the course of this project. I’ve got the perfect case in the Rogue, and it’s ATX or nothing at this point. So, that brings me to the following update.

Here I’ve got the motherboard tray finished. The mounting studs are in place, and it’s almost ready to be placed in the case. There is very little room for error at this point. The clearances are very tight between the radiator mounts.




As you can see from the above pics, I need to come up with the rear panel for the case. As luck would have it, I’ve got the perfect donor. (Yes, it is purple…) I happened to have an old case left over from a mod I had done for my daughter.




With the panel removed from it’s donor, it’s time to find it a new home. Here you can see it sitting inside the case. It actually fits quite well. You can see that I will need to do a little cutting on the rear of the case, but all in all, it shouldn’t be so bad.




Next up, will be to get the panel fitted in place, and repainted of course…

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