2nd February 2008

Project: Rogue, Part 13

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I’ve got a quick update here… I’ve got some cool little accessories for my dremel. I was walking through a hardware store the other day, when I spotted the box in the picture below.

It’s a quick-release mandrel kit for cut-off wheels. I seem to burn through quite a few wheels with all the cutting I do, and thought this would be a great way to make the changes easier. Not to mention, the wheels are a larger diameter than what I was using.






Push on, twist, and release! It doesn’t get any easier.


As cool as the new cut-off wheels were, I also had something else show up on my doorstep recently.


That’s a whole lot of air moving potential there. These are all 120mm x 35mm Sanyo Denki San Ace 1011′s. According to this review at xtremesystems, they can kick some serious ass.

I’ll spoil one result for all of you upfront: the Sanyo Denki San Ace 1011 is king of the hill. And by hill I mean universe. It’s really, really good. In addition to its insane empirical results (see below), it makes NO extraneous noises and undervolts like a champ. I have five and they all perform like this and they all start at 4V or lower. They could kick Chuck Norris’s ass….silently.

They’re ball bearings as well, so you don’t have to worry about the sleeve bearing inconvenience. They also perform past their listed specs–something that’s exceedingly rare in these SilenX days. Good luck finding any though…and when you do, they’re $25 a pop.

Don’t let the quoted price scare you though, they were available at FrozenCPU for about $14 apiece, but now seem to be gone from the site. If can source them from anywhere else, they are worth cost.




These fans are freaking solid, as well as heavy. High quality stuff indeed. Once I throw a good fan controller on these, I’ll have the best of both worlds. A fan that is inaudible, yet can move some serious CFM’s when it’s warranted.

So, you might be wondering where these things are going to find a home in the case. Well, they all will reside in a custom panel on top of the case. I may not have the specifics figured out yet, but they will tie in with the slightly automotive engine theme. In fact, I’d like them to look something like valve covers. Two rows of three fans, slightly angled to the left and the right…

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