Until craigbru get’s a chance to make his own about page, I’ll post the info I (Eric Chevallier) posted in the mainpage introduction to his blog:

We’d like to welcome craigbru to the Aberrantech family with the opening of his blog. For those of you who are fans of Case Mods and who don’t know who craigbru is, prepare to be excited. The case he’s basing his new project on is the brand new NZXT Rogue mATX SFF case. I’ve posted below some pictures of his last Case Mod project, named Project L.O.S.I.A.S., to give you some idea of what to expect from his newest case mod. If he gets a chance he’ll post a condensed worklog of his last project, but for now he’s been busy working on Project: Rogue. To see the full worklog check out his post on the Sudhian forums.

How the Sugo SG02 case originally looked:

How Project L.O.S.I.A.S. looks now:
img3126eb6.jpg img3131mo5.jpg img3132eq6.jpg img3133wx2.jpg

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