5th October 2007

Nintendo to offer free cushion jacket for Wii remotes

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Nintendo is offering up to 4 free jackets for Wii remotes to all Wii owners. Late last year Nintendo offered free replacement wrist straps because of complaints of the original straps breaking and sending the Wii remote flying across the room. As DailyTech wrote, “With Nintendo stating that the new Wii Remote Jackets were made for safety reasons, it would not be out of the question to assume that the free accessories are somehow connected to company’s legal position. Last December, Nintendo was sued in a class action lawsuit over defective wrist straps. While Nintendo claimed that the lawsuit was “completely without merit,” the company would likely prefer to avoid any further litigation.” Though, it is costing Nintendo quite a bit of money. The Wii has an install base of 10 million and Nintendo is going to supply up to four jackets per owner. DailyTech is reporting that 40 million of these Wii jackets will cost Nintendo about $17.2 million.

Wii Remote Jackets will begin shipping with Wii consoles, Remotes and Wii Play the week of October 15. If you already own a Wii and want to get a Wii Remote Jackets go to Wii.com or nintendo.com, or call 1-866-431-8367 to place an order.


image courtesty of Nintendo

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