25th September 2007

PS3 to get rumble controllers from Sony and Logitech

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Gamers have been clamoring for rumble in the PS3 controller ever since they heard Sony removed it to add SIXAXIS motion control. Logitech has released a PS3 controller that has rumble and no motion controls. The controller is similar to their popular cordless PS2 controller. Take the fact that the controller was manufactured by a third party and that Sony’s controller didn’t have rumble, then add the fact that games have to directly add support for it and the outlook on how many games were going to support rumble didn’t look good. But according to DailyTech, at a recent EA Games press event, it was inadvertently shown that Sony was planning to make a rumble controller as a rumble controller was used to demo for the PS3 racing game, Burnout Paradise. Since Sony has plans to make a rumble controller, rumble should get a high level of support in games, which is definitely good news for those that prefer rumble to motion control.

For info on the Logitech controller click here.


picture courtesy of Logitech

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