24th September 2007

Square Enix developing RPG for Xbox 360

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High profile Japanese RPGs have always been a gaping hole in the Xbox 360′s lineup and Microsoft is definitely trying to remedy this problem. Not only are they publishing two exclusive RPGs developed by Mistwalker (Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey), the game studio started by Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of the Final Fantasy series) but Microsoft has also secured an exclusive RPG published by Square Enix and developed by tri-Ace (the developer behind Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile). The game is named Infinite Undiscovery and is described by producer “Hajime Kojima as an action-oriented, ‘dynamic, compelling next-generation RPG’ with a focus on real-time events” according to DailyTech.

infinite-undiscovery1.jpg infinite-undiscovery2.jpg infinite-undiscovery3.jpg

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