7th April 2008

higher speed and fixed replacement AMD Phenoms available in stores

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AMD has pushed back the release multiple times and has kept the release date vague. They then released the Phenom X3 triple-core CPUs a couple weeks ago but only to large OEM computer makers. The much delayed faster B3 stepping AMD Phenom CPUs have finally been released, along with B3 stepping replacements for the originally Phenoms. The B3 stepping Phenoms don’t contain the TLB erratum and don’t require the performance lowering bios work around. Making the release dates slightly more odd, AMD has yet to release the Phenom x3 tri-core CPUs to end users.

The newly released higher end models are the Phenom 9850 Black Edition running at 2.5GHz and Phenom 9750 running at 2.4GHz, with the replacement model being the Phenom 9550 running at 2.2GHz. The Phenom 9650 has not yet appeared in stores.

For prices and availability check Newegg.com, Mwave.com and Directron.com. Other large stores like TigerDirect.com and ZipZoomFly.com have yet to list the new Phenoms.  Newegg has lowered the prices of the originally released B2 stepping Phenoms that probably won’t be around for all that much longer, with the Phenom 9500 being $168.30 and the Phenom 9600 being $179.99.

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