17th March 2008

Some information on the discrete GPU Intel is developing

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Rumors of Intel developing discrete graphics chipsets (GPUs), codename Larrabee, have been around for a couple years now. Intel is finally talking about it and some info has come to light. Intel has decided to go with an x86 based instruction set for the GPU which is quite different from all current GPU designs from Nvidia and ATI/AMD. Intel says they will be competitive with what other vendors have released at the time. 3Dlabs had previously developed a more generalized GPU, though it wasn’t x86 based, but it couldn’t compete speed wise with what ATI or Nvidia had at the time and now 3Dlabs no longer makes video chips for PCs. Hopefully Intel has better results. Another thing that has me worried is the Chief Architect of Larrabee was also the Chief Architect of the Pentium 4. The Pentium 4 was a step back design wise from the Pentium 3 and Intel didn’t get back on track until the Pentium M and Core 2, which both are much more of a progression from the Pentium 3 than the Pentium 4. For more info check here and here.

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