15th February 2008

Geforce 8-series to run PhysX in hardware

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Not much was revealed in the press releases given by Nvidia before and after their recent purchase of Ageia, a hardware and software vendor for physics in computer and game console applications, but more details have come to light. During a conference call on fourth quarter financial results Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed that they are planing to port the PhysX engine to their CUDA programing interface. CUDA is a C-like application programming interface that allows general purpose code to be executed by any CUDA compatible GPU, which all the Geforce 8-series cards are. Nvidia believes this encourage people to buy better GPUs, SLI and Three Way SLI systems and I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that. This should also encourage developers to have greater support for hardware PhysX, since their’s a much greater install base of Geforce 8-series video cards than their is PhysX PCI cards.

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