7th February 2008

New player in mobile x86 processor market

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Via’s not the only one planning a new energy efficient x86 compatible CPU, a start-up named Montalvo Systems has an energy efficient x86 processor in the works as well but this one is dual core. Montalvo Systems is targeting the CPU at notebooks and ultraportables. Little else is known about the CPU and no official announcement has been made, though one is expected later this year. Their have been a hand full companies that tried to compete with Intel and most haven’t been as lucky as AMD or even Via. Most have put out one or two generations of products that weren’t very competitive and didn’t do well in the market, such as Rise Technology with the mP6, IDT with the Winchip, and Transmeta with the Crusoe and Efficeon. Cyrix came the closest to succeeding and had more generations than any of the other failed manufacturers but in the end ultimately couldn’t compete. As a side note, it’s interesting that Via bought Centaur Technology from IDT and bought Cyrix from National Semiconductor (after Cyrix was bought by them). Since Rise Technology was bought by SiS and Transmeta still exists as a patent holding company, it appears that Montalvo Systems is making their chip from scratch with no announcements of patent licensing yet. Montalvo Systems does seem to have the pedigree to be successful, “such as Montalvo CEO Matt Perry, who was previously CEO of Transmeta; Montalvo board member Vinod Dham, a former Intel architect from the Pentium days who later joined NexGen and finally AMD; Greg Favor, former chief architect on the AMD K6 processor; and Mike Yamamura, who also worked on the K6 project.” according to TechReport.

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