5th February 2008

AMD changes model number scheme of higher speed Phenom CPUs, more on delay rumors

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Late last week conflicting reports about AMD’s higher clocked Phenom quad-core and release time frame for the B3 stepping Phenom CPUs (which does not include the TLB erratum). Digitimes, like HKEPC did last week, is reporting that AMD has switched the model number scheme for all the B3 stepping models to end in 50. This is a logical step, since this is the naming scheme for the replacement B3 stepping models for already released CPUs, such as the Phenom 9600 being replaced by the 9650 with the same specs except the latter being B3 stepping. This should make it less confusing for customers, since the old scheme had some B3 stepping CPUs ending in 00 and some ending in 50.

As for the rumored delay of higher speed Phenom CPUs, Digitimes is now saying that sources in the motherboard industry are saying that AMD has pushed back the release of the 9700 and 9900, now named 9750 and 9950. They go on to say that the Phenom 9750, 9550 and 9650 are scheduled for release in early-June, which coincides with what HKEPC posted but that is still within AMD’s official release time frame of Q2 2008. According to HKEPC the Phenom 9950 will be released in Q3 2008, Digitimes says the release date hasn’t been set. AMD is still saying that the Phenom 9900 (they haven’t officially announced the rumored name change) will launch in Q2 2008.

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