2nd February 2008

AMD’s 45nm process and higher clock Phenoms, new info and conflicting rumors

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Conflicting reports on the release time frame of AMD’s 45nm CPUs and higher clock Phenom quad-core CPUs on Taiwanese-site Digitimes and Chinese-site HKEPC. HKEPC posted a news item saying that sources in motherboard makers are now saying that AMD will be releasing 45nm CPUs in Q4 2008 and in another saying that AMD has pushed back all B3 stepping CPUs (which does not include the TLB erratum), including replacing current speeds and faster speeds for tri-core and quad-core. Digitimes posted a news item, saying that motherboard manufacturers are saying that AMD notified their partners “that its 45nm-based processors will be launched on time by the second half of 2008.”

Both Digitimes and HKEPC are saying that AMD will be upping the L3 cache to 6MB (from 2MB) on the 45nm CPUs and that the 45nm parts will be lower wattage than the same 65nm part.

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