1st February 2008

Nvidia to release Nforce 790i in Q2 ’08

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Nvidia’s upcoming Nforce 790i motherboard chipset, made up of Nvidia’s C73 northbridge and MCP55 southbridge, is expected during Q2 2008. The Nforce 790i (i stands for Intel) features 3-way SLI, Hybrid SLI, DDR3 memory support, and Intel CPUs with an FSB up to 1600MHz. Their will be two versions of the chipset, Nforce 790i SLI and Nforce 790i Ultra SLI, the latter featuring support for SLI memory up to DDR3 2000. The Nforce 790i replaces the Nforce 780i as the high end chipset in Nvidia’s Intel chipset lineup. According to Digitimes the 780i hasn’t been doing that well in the market, probably due to the fact that it’s only a slight upgrade from Nvidia’s Nforce 680i.

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