28th January 2008

Via launches new CPU with new architecture

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Via has launched a new CPU, codename Isaiah, that is being quoted as two to four times faster than Via’s current C7 CPUs per-clock. Isaiah is Via’s first 64-bit processor, first cpu with out-of-order processing and first 65nm CPU. They’ve done all this and kept the Isaiah at the same power consumption and kept it pin compatible with the C7 CPU. Being pin compatible with the C7, the Isaiah should have a fairly quick uptake because companies won’t have to design whole new motherboards for use with it. Initially Isaiah will be a single-core processor running at 2.0GHz with 1MB L2 cache but they are planning on dual-core variants down the road (no time frame was given though). They also upped the frontside bus from the C7′s 400MHz to 800MHz and 1333MHz on Isaiah.

For more information check Ars Technica, TechReport, and Engadget.

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