22nd January 2008

Cooler Master Stacker 830 SE Case w/ Real Power Pro 1000w SLI – Review (Page 2 / PSU & Cooling)

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The Stacker 830 is made completely of aluminum, which is the metal of choice when getting a case this big as it’s much lighter than steel. It feels relatively light for its gigantic size and has plenty of room for ventilation. Speaking of ventilation, there are spots to hold a crazy amount of 120mm fans. There is a position in the back for one 120mm fan, as well as one in the front, one in the top, as well as four on the side in the provided bracket which takes up the entire side of the case. This giant multi-fan bracket is quite amazing and when coupled with the fact that much of the side panel has metal mesh, it allows any user to amp up their airflow if needed. Also, you should be able to use very quiet low CFM fans if you want and still have very good cooling because of the sheer amount of fans you can mount in this case. Besides the fan mounts, a portion of the bottom of the case has metal mesh as well. This, I assume, is so that cool air can be pulled up past the components and expelled through the top or back of the case.

case left side case back inside case left open

The top fan bracket can be replaced with a hard drive bracket that would be ideal for a Raptor X 150GB hard drive, which has a window so you can see the drive mechanics. Its apparent that the bracket is designed mainly for enthusiasts who own such a drive, but its nice for those that just want to add another drive to the case.

case top

For anyone who wants to go with water cooling, the case also has two holes on the back to route your tubes outside of the case to your reservoir or any other component that you would have externally. From my past experience with water cooling, I would think that you could easily fit an entire water cooling setup inside this case with the proper placement of all of your components.

case back

Like I mentioned earlier, the provided power supply is a full 1kW. A quick search of the UL number on the power supplies sticker, which is E166947, shows that Enhance is the company that manufactured it for Cooler Master. I haven’t seen a Cooler Master power supply made by a poor quality OEM and this is no different, Enhance has been making high quality power supplies for a long time now. Also shown on the sticker on the PSU are the amperages for all the different rails, note that it has six separate 12V rails. Four of them have 18A and the remaining two have 28A each. This is more than enough to power the best SLI rig, so if you buy this kit you won’t have to worry about having to upgrade to a better PSU. It also has a crazy amount of cables, as you saw in the specs and picture above. You shouldn’t need any power adapter cable when plugging in any of your hardware. The only exception might be Three-Way SLI or Quad-Crossfire, you may need an adapter or two to power more than two cards. Unfortunately, I don’t have a high-end SLI rig or elaborate power supply load tester to fully test the power supply. One of the most genius features about this case is that the power supply is connected to the case via a special bracket. The power supply can be removed from the case by taking the screws out that holds the bracket to the case and then you can just pull the entire unit out of the back of the chassis. This makes it much easier than laying the case down and trying to reach up past all of your components to remove the power supply. As if that wasn’t convenient enough, the bracket has extra mounting holes for the PSU, so you can mount the PSU the normal way (fan facing down) or reverse (fan facing up). This is just one more option to the many cooling solutions this case offers.

power supply out power supply closeup img_0417.jpg img_0420.jpg main power plug psu bay

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