19th January 2008

DFI may be launching mATX SLI and Crossfire motherboards

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Up to this point the only mATX motherboard with dual video card slots was a socket 939 SLI motherboard from EVGA that has been discontinued for a while now but that may be changing.  DFI has yet to make an official announcement but it’s being reported that they plan to make micro ATX SLI and Crossfire motherboards.  They state that DFI is planning to make both AMD and Intel motherboards to support SLI and Crossfire. To support SLI and Crossfire for both AMD and Intel, DFI would need to have at least four motherboards in the works.  The reason it would take four different motherboards is AMD and Intel sockets are incompatible and a board that supports SLI can’t do Crossfire and a Crossfire board can’t do SLI.  Other than stating that DFI would be targeting the boards at the mid-range segment and wouldn’t be “high-end products will loads of extra bling” and that one model “might” be based on the IntelP45, Fudzilla didn’t give much specifics on chipsets or other specifications of the motherboards.  Even though they’re saying the boards will be targeting the mid-range motherboard market, I would be surprised if the motherboard didn’t have at least some overclocking ability.  Hopefully we’ll see an official announcement sometime soon.

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