18th January 2008

Everex working on Cloudbook sub-notebook with 9″ screen

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Everex is working on new versions of the Cloudbook, their 7″ sub-notebook based on the Via Nanobook/FIC CE260 design which is going to be available on January 25th. Like Asus, who recently announced that they’re working on Eee PCs with larger screens, Everex is planning a Cloudbook with a 9″ screen. Unlike Asus, Everex is sticking with Linux and they currently don’t plan to sell Windows XP pre-installed. Everex noted that the 9″ version will have a “noticeably” larger keyboard and Everex expect it to be out by June for “under $500″. The 9″ screen should also increase the resolution from a paltry 800×480 on the 7″ screen.

FIC, which Everex is a subsidiary of, has been an ODM supplier of 7″ sub-notebooks for other computer makers such as Maxdata/Belinea and Packard Bell. Since Everex is part of FIC, it’s likely that FIC will also offer the 9″ version to there ODM customers. The Cloudbook CE1200V is the only one that veered from the reference design of FIC’s CE260, so it’s hard to say which one the ODM systems would be more like. For more info click here

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