16th January 2008

Asus working on 8″ and 8.9″ screens for Eee PC, soon offer Windows XP

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Due to customer demand Asus plans on offering versions of the Eee PC 4G and 8G with Windows XP pre-installed. They are also working on Eee PC with 8″ and 8.9″ screen and better batteries. They also state that once Intel supports WiMax they will be releasing a WiMax enabled Eee PC shortly their after. Unfortunately, they may be sticking with the current Celeron processor for the foreseeable future. One concern with the upgrades was a price increase, luckily though TechReport says that Asus plans to try and keep pricing below $500.  Exact pricing on the Windows XP Eee PC is still undetermined but the systems should be available by the end of the quarter.

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