11th January 2008

Benchmarks of Nvidia’s upcoming Geforce 9600GT surface

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Expreview has once again got a hold of an unreleased Nvidia video card, this time the Geforce 9600GT. The benchmarks on Nvidia’s Geforce 9600GT are only a sneak peak since they had to mod currently released drivers to support the 9600GT and they only ran one benchmark, 3D Mark06. As we expected, the benchmarks show that the Geforce 9600GT is close in performance to the Geforce 8800GS and slightly slower than the Geforce 8800GT. The Geforce 9600GT got a score of 10357, which is only 248 points lower than the 8800GS at 10605 and 2151 points lower than the 8800GT at 12508, making it only 17% slower than an 8800GT. The Geforce 9600 fills in the gaping hole in Nvidia’s lineup below the 8800GT and above the card it’s replacing, the Geforce 8600-series. The Geforce 8800GS will fill this hole for a short time but it appears that it will be phased out once the Geforce 9600GT hits the scene. Both of these cards should do well to combat Nvidia in both price and performance at the level of the Radeon HD 3850.

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