6th January 2008

Buffalo Pulls Out of USB Flash Drive Market in US until Sandisk suit is settled

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As of the new year Buffalo Technology has decided to stop selling all flash products in the US until their lawsuit with Sandisk is settled, according to a source inside the company. It’s unclear at this time if this affects other North American regions. Buffalo was one of the 25 companies that Sandisk filed a suit against last October over patent infringement having to do with flash based products. From what the source said, it appears Buffalo decided to suspend sales on their own, unlike their wireless router business. They are currently not able to sell 802.11 wireless routers in the US because of an injunction by CSIRO, who brought a patent suite to most of the players in 802.11 wireless devices. The source indicated that Buffalo should start selling USB Flash drives again after the suit is settled.

According to XbitLabs, PNY was the first to give in and pay to license the technology from Sandisk. We’ll have to see what Buffalo and the other plays Sandisk is suing end up doing, sticking it out in the trial or just giving in and paying the licensing fee.

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