6th January 2008

Updated: Everex gPC gets some competition, Shuttle to release sub-$200 Linux PC or $99 as a barebones

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At CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Shuttle has announced plans to expand their line to include a sub-$200 Linux based PC, according to TheInquirer. Many people know Shuttle Computers as the maker of small form factor (SFF) barebones system but they also sell fully configured systems based on their SFF barebones line. The first large OEM/system builder to build a sub-$200 Linux system was the gPC from Everex. Interestingly, similar to how Shuttle makes components and systems, Everex is owned by FIC who makes motherboards and is a system builder and ODM for other manufactures as well. Unfortunately, no further information is currently available on Shuttle’s new sysetm. It’s unclear what form factor the system will be, what the specs will be or what version of Linux it will be running. We have an e-mail in to Shuttle to see if we can get any further details and will post more info if it becomes available.

Update: I have unfortunately not been able to verify any specs or the exact form factor the systems will be but I was able to verify that they will be SFF systems of some kind and they are naming the new line of systems KPC. According to a press release I was able to aquire, Shuttle plans to sell a barebones version of the system for $99. Also, I received a PDF file that contained some pics of the KPC, which I have included below. No pictures of the inside of the system have surfaced yet.

Update2: More information has become available, check it out here.

kpc-1.jpg kpc-2-big.jpg
Images courtesy of Shuttle

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  1. 1 On January 7th, 2008, Eric Chevallier said:

    they just posted the PDF to the web for everyone to see, check it out here http://us.shuttle.com/CES/index.htm click on the press tab.

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