4th January 2008

Via merges CPU and chipset devisions

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It’s being reported by DigiTimes (who got the info from Chinese newspaper Apply Daily) that Via Technologies has merged their CPU and chipset devisions. Via has been struggling the last few years and hasn’t had a popular motherboard chipset since the K8T800, an Athlon 64 AGP chipset, and has been fighting with Intel off and on over patent issues since the Slot1/SlotA days of the Pentium 3 and original Athlon. They are currently barred from developing any new chipsets to support Intel CPUs and have been since last April when their last patent agreement expired. According to DigiTimes Via is going to “provide support from AMD platforms while continuing the support older Intel products that are not impacted by patent issues.” They go on to say that because of client demand they will continue to try and work out a patent licensing deal with Intel but it’s hard to say if that will happen or not. Via plans to focus on more profitable markets, specifically CPU, communications and multimedia sectors.

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