27th December 2007

Motherboard compatibility the reason for Intel may delay of quad-core 45nm

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As previously reported it appears that Intel is going to delay the mainstream quad-core 45nm CPUs but the new reason, which seems more logical, is low compatibility with cheaper motherboards. The Yorkfield processors have to high processor system bus (PSB) noise when paired with less expensive four layer motherboard. Six layer motherboards are unaffected. According to Xbit Labs (who got the info from Japanese page, PC Watch) Intel released the high end Yorkfield Core 2 Extreme CPUs because enthusiasts would be putting them in high end boards that would definitely be 6 layer and in most cases would work just fine. For the mainstream 45nm quad-core CPUs Intel is going to make a new version to help aid in compatibility with 4 layer motherboards. One of the main reasons listed for Intel’s decision to do this is that some large system vendors are using 4 layer motherboards based on Intel’s P35 chipset and it could take a few weeks for motherboard makers to redesign the motherboard, up to 2 months for the system vendors to validate the new motherboard and the board may cost more in the process.

Xbit Labs states that the new release date is expected to be Febuary/March and that the new version of the CPU is expected to work with existing boards. It’s currently unclear if these new 45nm CPUs will work with Nvidia’s 680i/650i based motherboards which are not compatible with the Yorkfield CPUs.

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  1. 1 On December 27th, 2007, OldDummy said:

    My belief is that it’s not just the 4 layer PCB that is causing the problem. I suspect anti-OC protection is a factor but I could be wrong.

  2. 2 On December 27th, 2007, Eric Chevallier said:

    You mean making a new version so it is less able to OC? that could be a factor, who knows. But as you experienced with your shuttle, motherboard compatibility is a problem.

    How many layer are shuttle boards? I’d assume 6 since they may not have enough room for all the traces with 4 layers anyway but not sure.

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