27th December 2007

AMD Phenom x3 tripple-core CPU updated specifications and release dates

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AMD will be releasing their first batch of tri-core Phenom x3 processors in March 08, according to sources at motherboard manufacturers. They also said that AMD has changed the model number scheme from 7xxx to 8xxx. It also appears that AMD has lowered the clock speed from what was rumored late last month. The first CPUs to be available being the 8400 and 8600, which will be followed by the 8700, 8650 and 8450 in Q2 08. The Phenom x3 8400 and 8600 will be B2 stepping parts running at 2.1GHz and 2.3GHz respectively. Being B2 stepping means they may be affected by the TLB erratum but it’s unclear if the Phenom x3 CPUs will have the same 10-15% decrease in performance that the Phenom x4 quad-core has with the fix applied. The Phenom x3 8450 and 8650 will be B3 stepping, which contains a fixed TLB and will be running at the same clocks as the already released 8400 and 8600. It’s unclear if the 8700 will be B2 or B3 but it will be running at 2.4GHz. All five of the Phenom x3 CPUs are 95w TDP parts. AMD has not officially announced this information and declined comment.

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