27th December 2007

EVGA offers upgrade program for 680i motherboard owners

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Like most, if not all Nvidia Nforce 680i motherboards, EVGA’s 680i motherboards don’t support 45nm Penryn-based quad-core Yorkfield CPUs but EVGA is at least throwing owners a bone. They are offering an upgrade program that will allow you to send in your EVGA 680i board and trade up to a Nvidia Nforce 780i board for $89 or €79. While $89 isn’t exactly a trivial amount of money it’s probably much cheaper than having to buy a new motherboard out right, especially a 780i board. You don’t only get upgraded CPU support though, you also get PCI Express 2.0 support for two of the PCIe x16 slots, so it is an upgrade from the 680i feature wise as well. For more information, EVGA’s official page is here but you need a username and password to access it. If you want a run down on the deal, Xbit Labs posted the info here

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  1. 1 On December 27th, 2007, Eric Chevallier said:

    their may be hope for people with 680i boards, as it appears Intel is redesigning their quad-core 45nm CPUs to be more compatible with 4 layer boards, which may make them compatible with the 680i, though currently it’s unclear if this will help or not. http://aberrantech.com/?p=367

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