20th December 2007

MSI launches Geforce 8800GT 1GB video card

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MSI has launched a Geforce 8800GT 1GB video card. Like the Asus 8800GT 1GB card, it uses high density 1Gb Qimonda memory chips to get up to 1GB. Unlike the Asus card which has a custom cooler, MSI has chosen to use the standard dual slot G92 8800 GTS cooler for their 1GB card. Most of the technical specs are unknown at this time but since they don’t tout the card as being overclocked in the press release, so it’s safe to say it’s running at stock speeds. The press release is also missing the official model number, saying only that it’s part of the “NX8800GT 1GB series.” The fact that they call it a series means their is hope that they may come out with a 1GB overclocked model. Since the Qimonda 1Gb memory is said to actually run a lower voltage and their for cooler than the normal RAM used on 8800 GT cards, the extra large G92 8800 GTS cooler means it should run cooler and you can probably overclock it farther than an 8800 GT with the 8800 GT stock cooler.

We still haven’t seen any news of 8800 GTS 1GB cards. It’s an obvious choice for manufacturers. If they’re going to make an 8800 GT 1GB, why not an 8800 GTS 1GB?

msi-nx8800gt-1gb.jpg msi-nx8800gt-1gb-2.jpg
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  1. 1 On December 20th, 2007, Doomzilla said:

    I’ve always had good experiences with my MSI products, so its nice to see them keeping up on the hottest video cards. I can’t wait to see what overclock speeds we see that memory pushed to.

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